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Your Mobile Veterinarian in Miami

You’re in excellent hands at My Vet At Home, we are a mobile vet practice; our providers are professional, experienced, and down-to-earth. We are focused on providing your pet and you with personalized at-home vet care.

Our main focus is on holistic veterinary medicine practicing Chinese and reiki in combination with Western medicine. Our mobile veterinarian will provide your pet with the utmost at-home vet care in the comfort of your home. We are mobile vets. We will always come to you.

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  • At Home Vet Care (In-House Vet Visit)

  • Dogs and cats vaccines (core vaccines)

  • Rabies vaccine starts at 16 weeks of age.

  • Treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions (skin, ocular, renal, thyroids, diabetes, allergies, chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain management)

  • Diagnostics testing such as blood work, fecal exams, skin scrapings, cytology, fungal test, specialized testing, sonogram,

  • Microchip placement.

  • Fleas and ticks prevention by oral or topical treatment.


  • Heartworm disease testing, prevention and treatment.

  • Accredited Health certificate if traveling with your pet.

  • End of Life procedures, time to say goodbye (at home pet euthanasia).

  • Funeral and memorial services for your beloved one.

  • Laser therapy.

  • Weight management program and control.

  • Tailored holistic supplements.

  • Service animal health certificate.

  • Ask the Vet-Mobile Veterinary Service.

  • Online Pharmacy.


Our at-home vet care visit hours are:

Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Call us at 786-516-4731 to schedule a vet visit, or:

Click: a veterinary appointment for my pet

Stress free, affordable and convenient mobile vet service.
We accept the pet insurance of your preference. 

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