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This is not a vet visit appointment confirmation. Our team will contact you to schedule your four-legged friend's veterinary visit.

 We kindly ask you to provide us with as much detail as possible to better help your pet.

How to prepare for the vet visit appointment:

  • Try to have any previous medical record and Info on current medication, if any, name and dose.

  • Diet, if possible a picture of the original container of the food.

  • Prepare a sterile place where our vet can check your pet.

  • Provide adequate lighting.

  • Get a stool sample ready (fresh).

  • If your pet's appointment is for urinary problems, please get an urine sample as fresh as possible. 

  • If your fur baby is having diarrhea or soft stools...please take a picture.

  • If your fur baby is coughing or behaving differently, we greatly appreciate you making a video. Sometimes the vet won't be able to see symptoms as described by you during the consult. Keep in mind that documented events are helpful for our vet better treating your pet.

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