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Your Best Mobile Veterinarian in Town!

 Your Mobile Veterinarian | My Vet At Home

We are a mobile veterinarian founded more than 15 years ago, and currently established in Miami, FL. We provide cost-effective care for your pet with the convenience of never leaving home. 

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Our mission is to get to know  your beloved friends, and to provide the treatment and preventative care needed to keep your them happy and healthy for years to come. 

Here at My Vet At Home we are educators, healers and compassionate caregivers. Our staff is knowledgeable, sincere and ready to serve. You can count on Us.

We pride ourselves in promptly meeting our patient's needs and making Vet Visit to experience a pleasant one. Each one of our vet staff is proud of the role they play with My Vet At Home and will perform his/her duties in a highly professional manner. 

Our team is interested in improving the quality of life for all pets...to achieve our goal: Happier and Healthier Pets.

We are your mobile veterinarian in town. 

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