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At home veterinary service will bring the clinic to your house. In the comfort of your home your pet will receive the medical care she/he needs and deserves.

Every pet must receive ever year a full comprehensive medical exam, a blood, fecal and urine exam. Ask your veterinarian about your pet's health needs and recommended yearly exams. If you have an outdoor cat, your veterinarian may suggest to do a Feline Combo test for Feline aids and leukemia virus, if your dog has been bitten by ticks your vet will suggest to do a 4 Dx Plus snap test, and so on. We will always advised you, it's in your hands your baby's health.

Let's work together. 

Please keep in mind not all medical procedures and diagnosis are suitable to be done at home. In some particular cases we will refer your pet for special testing and /or medical procedures. 

enjoy the benefits of at home veterinary service, have your pet doctor come to you

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