A veterinarian plays a vital role in the society by taking care of the pets and animals. They use their education and expertise to take care and protect not only pets but humans as well. Sometimes we are more familiar with mobile veterinarian who takes care of our companions, pets and animals, also a mobile veterinarian will help to reduce the stress that put in your pet having to go to the vet office.  A mobile veterinarian works in various kinds of environments, they are the only doctor educated to take care and protect for both animals and human. They are very much concerned about health and needs for welfare of any species of animals. They play a critical role in various sectors like public health, food safety, environmental protection and research etc.

At My Vet At Home, our mobile veterinarian  will examine, diagnose and treat your pet in a very friendly-non-stressful manner. Dr. Diaz-Castillo will provide a wide range of medical services in the comfort of your home. Just sit and relax, our mobile veterinarian will come to you!