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WELLNESS CARE PLAN 365 | Affordable Veterinary Care

MVAH wellness care plan helps to cover the cost of your pet’s basic needs through a budget-friendly program by arranging monthly payments, bringing peace of mind for you and healthy life to your beloved friend, and offering affordable veterinary care.

Is there a membership fee? Yes. The initial fee will be waived for multi-pet enrollment.

Affordable Veterinary Care: Checkups, vaccinations, blood work, intestinal parasites, urine screenings, and other routine services fall under the services covered by MVAH WCP.

All Medical Services Included plus up to 15% Off starting at $30/month

It’s important to note that Wellness Care Plans are not the same thing as pet insurance. WCP helps you manage the cost of necessary regular care for your pet. Pet insurance helps offset the costs of catastrophic events, like unexpected accidents or illnesses.