Come back frequently for recent updates on different medical conditions / helpful pet health tips for your furry friend  general and medical care (cat vaccines, dog vaccines, preventatives and gastrointestinal disease, renal problems, overweight and more...).

It is advisable to have your pet examined  by your veterinarian at least once a year. That yearly check up shall include a basic or comprehensive blood test study, urinalysis, fecal test and/or any special testing the vet considers necessary for the patient's well - being.


It's not only important to vaccinate them against the most common diseases without at least a general blood check we will be missing basic health information for a clear picture of our patient current medical state.


It's a myth that every year when pets come to us or we come to them for yearly check ups we are able to provide them with a clean bill of health, We wish nothing more than that but for such an ideal annual veterinary visit