Pet Insurance vs Pet Wellness Plan

Pet insurance is like medical insurance, protecting you from financial concern when your beloved one is sick or injured. 

Like any other member of your family, pets can suffer from sickness or injury.

On average, routine check-ups cost $257 for dogs and $182 for cats. However, some medical procedures and surgeries cost far more. 

Pet Wellness Plan is NOT an insurance  and it is offered by your veterinarian.

A pet wellness plan will cover your pet for routine check ups and vaccines and it may offer you discounts on certain medical procedures. It's more like a membership.

ASk My Vet At Home staff about our Pet Wellness Plans.

You pay the bill yourself and then submit the claim to your insurance company. Your vet can provide the insurance company with medical records when necessary. 

You will pay a Yearly or Monthly fee for your pet wellness plan directly to your vet office.

Keep in mind that you can combine your Pet Health Insurance with your Pet Wellness Plan, you will benefit from both.

Pet Insurance won't cover all your veterinary cost but can benefit from simple, friendly payment plans covering the GAP.

At My Vet At Home we work in collaboration with the pet insurance company of your preference. We also offer 25 % discount on some qualifying medical services as we honor our membership with Pet Assure

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