Pet Microchip, Would he/she need it :

Yes or No?

A microchip is an electronic way to identify a pet. It is the size of a grain of rice and is inserted underneath the skin, usually between your pet’s shoulder blades. It could be implanted by your furry friend's Veterinarian at any moment. It contains a code that connects your pet to your personal details. 

If your pet is ever found and taken to a vet or animal charity, they can use a scanner to check whether your pet has a microchip. If found, they can easily trace your details to make sure your furry friedn gets back to you safe and sound. 


It is not currently a legal requirement to microchip your Pet in all countries, so I want to share with you all the reasons why you should get your pet coded. After all, you want the best chance to be reunited with him/she if something does go wrong, right?

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