• My Vet At Home Staff

Pandemic Pets | Behavioral Changes Part 2

Touch Meeeeeowwwww

How can I teach my pet these new skills? Use positive reinforcement to teach any new skill to pets. Two examples of teaching Go to Place are luring and shaping. It is recommended that clicker training is used for teaching new skills for both dogs and cats. Clicker training is simple: Click when your pet is doing exactly the right thing. After the click, give a treat! A click is both a marker saying “YES! That thing!” and an IOU for a cookie. Luring: Follow the treat to learn the skill Choose a quiet area to work, and place the mat, bed, crate, platform, etc. in the location you want your pet to go.

Start by standing right next to the place.

  1. Point to the place and drop one treat on the place.

  2. When your pet goes to eat the treat, click when they touch the place and drop another treat.

  3. Toss a treat away from the place to reset the exercise.