As veterinarians, we are aware of how distressing it can be to find yourself in an unexpected medical situation with your pet. Scientific advances over the last two decades have made a much higher level of veterinary care the norm now, but unfortunately, this comes with a cost, which a lot of people won’t have budgeted for. 
Studies have shown that at least 42% of millennials have been in debt for their pet, and providing basic medical care and prevention can result to be expensive. Scratchpay Vet offers an alternative to alleviate the costs of keeping your pet healthy. 

veterinary payment plans

Either experienced pet parents or new ones may feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to a sick pet, and it may happen at the most unexpected moments in life; and for that moment, we have got you covered with convenient payment plans to ease the path to bring your pet back to health.

If we were to ask ourselves:  are we prepared for a medical emergency? How much would it cost to cover the most common medical condition that my pet might suffer? Thanks to the convenience offered by Scratchpay Vet through its payment plans program.

Fortunately, as a pet parent, you DO have the resources to care for your pet. You will find a handful of information on the web about pet insurance, veterinary clinic wellness/health plans, payment plans programs such as Scratchpay Vet and more. You need to ask your veterinarian about it!

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Ask Us about Scratchpay Vet plans that give you peace of mind.

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