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Scratchpay is a company that offers  payment plans to finance any veterinary services. There is no hard credit check for pet parents to see which plans they qualify for.



Either experienced pet parents or new ones may feel  overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to a sick pet  and it may happen on the most unexpected moments in life. Obviously we wish we could assure "we are ready" but sadly we are NOT for the most of the time. 

If we were to ask our selves:  are we prepared if a medical emergency happen? How much would it cots to cover for the most common medical condition that my pet might suffer ? 

Are we prepared to answer? But foremost, are we prepare to afford our pet's medical bills?

Fortunately as pet parent you DO have the resources to care for your pet. You will find a handful amount of information on the web about pet insurances, veterinary clinic wellness/health plans, payment plan programs such as Scratchpay and more. You just need to ask you veterinarian about it!