​​With the TeleVet mobile app you can simply send a virtual consultation to our online veterinarian to answer any questions about your beloved one. Enjoy the benefits of Virtual Medical Care!

Simply provide a description of any issues in a consultation. You can upload pictures and videos, instant message, and talk with our online veterinarian face to face through a video conference call.

In order for us to use this format, in keeping with the laws of maintaining an active veterinarian- patient-client-relationship, we MUST have seen your pet within the year. This format SHOULD NOT be used for emergencies due to the expected response time and due to the need of being hands-on for most emergencies. 


Be aware some medical conditions require face-to-face consultation in order to reach a diagnosis and subsequent course of treatment.  

We ask for your patient during this special time  while we work on your consult (1-4 Hours). During this time our online veterinarian will be accepting text, pictures, videos but not phone calls nor video calls in order to provide excellent medical care in a timely fashion. 

Virtual Medical Care Fees/ Online Veterinarian Fees:

Non-Real-Veterinarian-Time-Consult (Response time ~ 1-4 h): $55 per consult per patient.  

Real-Veterinarian-Time-Consult (Video/Chat/Phone Call) : $70 per 30 min consult. (Not  Available) 


Thank you so much, 

Dr. Susset Diaz and My Vet at Home Staff.

 After hours and/ or Emergency Veterinarian please call:

Biscayne Animal Hospital 

Phone: 786.254.5102

Thank You.