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MVAH Patient’s Online Portal

Has our Vet seen your pet? 

Yes... You will find her/his medical records here anytime and everywhere you are. 

New? No problem. Just let us know, and we will send you a link to create your unique username and password to access your pet’s medical records. 

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My Vet At Home Team

Having access to your pet's medical records is crucial for several reasons: Continuity of Care: Access to medical records ensures that your pet receives consistent and appropriate medical care. Veterinarians can review past treatments, diagnoses, and test results to make informed decisions about current and future care. Emergency Situations: In case of emergencies, having immediate access to your pet's medical history can be lifesaving. Emergency veterinarians can quickly assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment if they have access to your pet's medical records. Tracking Health Trends: Keeping track of your pet's medical records allows you to monitor their health trends over time. This can help identify patterns or changes in health that may require attention or further investigation. Preventive Care: Access to medical records enables veterinarians to recommend and administer appropriate preventive care measures based on your pet's medical history and individual needs. Travel and Boarding: When traveling or boarding your pet, having up-to-date medical records, including vaccination records, may be required. It ensures compliance with regulations and helps boarding facilities provide appropriate care. Consultations and Referrals: If your pet needs to see a specialist or receive a second opinion, having access to their medical records allows for seamless communication between veterinarians, ensuring continuity of care and avoiding unnecessary duplication of tests. Medication Management: Access to your pet's medical records helps prevent medication errors and ensures that prescriptions are accurately filled and administered. Legal Documentation: In some cases, such as in legal disputes or insurance claims, having thorough medical records can provide important documentation to support your case. Overall, access to your pet's medical records is essential for ensuring their health and well-being, facilitating communication between veterinarians, and providing them with the best possible care.

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