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Dalmatian Dog

Pet Health Care Program


Our Pet health care program is a wellness plan. It is a package our veterinary clinics offer. It helps owners manage and keep their pets healthy. It involves a monthly payment. In return, you get preventive care and discounts on extra vet services.




Key components and benefits of a wellness care plan:


  • Wellness plans include regular vet checkups. The checkups are yearly or every six months. The frequency depends on your pet's needs and age. These check-ups allow the vet to track your pet's health. They help the vet find issues early and provide preventive care.

  • Vaccinations are often in wellness plans. They include core shots and more. The shots take into account your pet's lifestyle and risks. You must keep your pet's vaccinations up-to-date. This is crucial for protecting them from diseases.

  • This includes treatments for fleas and ticks. It also includes treatments for heartworms. It also treats intestinal parasites. Regular preventive measures keep your pet healthy. They also prevent infestations and infections.

  • Dental health is vital for pets. Some wellness plans include regular dental cleanings. They also offer discounts on dental procedures. Good dental care can prevent diseases. It can also improve your pet's well-being.

  • Good nutrition is vital for your pet. It keeps them healthy and helps them live longer. Our wellness plans offer nutritional advice. They also give guidance to ensure your pet gets the right diet.

  • Extra Discounts: It depends on the plan. You may also get discounts on other vet services. These include tests, surgeries, and drugs.

​Benefits of a wellness care plan include:

  • Cost Savings: By paying a fixed monthly fee, you can spread out the cost of preventive care. This could save money compared to paying for each service.

  • Regular preventive care can give pet owners peace of mind. It lets them know they do all they can to keep their pet healthy.

  • Early detection of health issues is key. Regular check-ups allow vets to find issues early. At that time, the issues may be easier and cheaper to treat. This can improve your pet's life. It can also help them live longer.

  • Wellness plans are convenient. They ensure your pet gets all the needed preventive care. You don't need to worry about scheduling or remembering when shots are due.


We offer a preventive care plan that helps cover the cost of your pet’s basic needs. It's a low-cost program. It arranges monthly payments.

Ask our Team about Wellness Care Plan 365.

Alexa Young, Miami Springs

Me encantó... gracias como siempre a Yudy Feliz como siempre, que me lo recomendó y la verdad es super cómodo q le visiten a los babys, nuestras mascotas a la casa... se los recomiendo 100% personal muy amable y profesional.

Muchas graciasssss!!!!

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